Would you really like to learn truly Islam Religion? Do you wish your religious good deed would be accepted and rewarded by Allah, The God?
The answer is:
You have to learn and practice Al-Quran and Al Hadiths sincerely for Allah’s sake only, hope for Allah’s Mercy and fear of His fire torment!!!

Then, are you interested in learning the Quran and Hadiths amongst LDII (Indonesia Islamic Proselytism Society)?
Do not worry,

Mosque Baitul Mukmin in Jumputrejo Village – Sukodono District – Sidoarjo, a place where one of LDII smallest group of Quran Hadith Learning holds its activity.

LDII smallest learning Quran Hadits groups are spread all over villages region in Sidoarjo Regent, moreover all around Indonesia territory.

The groups are made according to the closeness of LDII municipality residence. Every one group usually contains between 50 until 100 people/municipalities. The Quran Hadiths learning is usually held twice or three times a week.

In this occasion, the Preacher discussed Al Quran surah Ibrahim verse 1-7

A young male-preacher who is a messenger from LDII Islamic Boarding-School Center Burengan Kediri, is teaching Al Quran; reciting, translating and tafsir explanation

The next session, a female-preacher teaches Topical Hadith Collection called “Kitabul Adab” (Book of Manner). The Hadith exams about The Moral/character that was taught and practised by The Prophet سلم و عليه الله صلى

Principally, Quran Hadits learning in LDII smallest group purposes:
  • Performing Allah and His Messenger سلم و عليه الله صلى order, that learning Quran Hadiths is principle obligation for every single Muslim, male and female.
  • Building and maintaining the municipality faith to Allah And His Messenger سلم و عليه الله صلى , faith to Quran and Hadiths
  • Legalizing the municipalities’ good deed, since the deed does not base on Quran Hadits knowledge would not be accepted by Allah.

The learning is conducted by a preacher who is a messenger from the LDII Islamic boarding-school centre Burengan Kediri.

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