The Honorable Way LDII Younger Celebrate The Year Changes

LDII (Indonesia Islamic Proselytism Society) pays serious attention to building next generation character. One of the effort to create good manner of LDII's young generation is holding overnight Quran Hadith learning for younger specially.

Overnight Quran Hadist learning for younger is a routine program that is held monthly at every LDII branch all over Indonesia. On this December 2009 Overnight Quran Hadith learning for LDII next generation was opened coinciding with new year eve December 31st, 2009 - January 1st, 2010.

Generally, Overnight Quran Hadith learning for younger purposes:
  1. To protect LDII young generation from committing religious forbidden, sin, and disgrace action in new year eve, such as; shout and shout cheerfully, racing on the street, brawl, drunk, drug, free sex and others useless action.
  2. To build and enhance young generation understanding about Quran Hadist knowledge so strengthen their faith and fear to Allah and their good deed
  3. Indeed, learning Quran Hadist knowledge is a compulsory for every single Muslim.
After salat isaa Quran learning held firstly; reciting, translation and explanation / tafseer
Then followed with Hadith learning and Religious advice by Ustadz Arifin
LDII younger attentively followed Quran Hadith learning and religious advice

Entertaining Attractions

In order to release tire, this Quran Hadith learning event was filled with various interesting attractions, such as; mini drama, joke and pencak silat (Indonesian traditional self defense practice)

Taking A Rest at Midnight

At about midnight new year 2010, LDII younger went to sleep in the mosque Baitul Maamur, in the complex of LDII islamic boarding-school Al Barokah Seruni District Gedangan Sidoarjo.

After dawn prayer January 1st, 2010 in Mosque Baitul Maamur, the event was closed with religious advice by Haji Muhammad Diyak

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