LDII Boarding School in Burengan Kediri is one of the Al Quran and Al-Hadith learning centre under the management of the Islamic Da'wah Society of Indonesia (LDII). Currently, this boarding school accommodate as many as 1,700 (one thousand seven hundred) people consisting of 1,000 students (thousand) people male students and 700 (seven hundred) of female students came from various regions in Indonesia.
LDII Boarding Schools Burengan Quran Hadiths Teaching is divided into several classes and groups: 

Regular Teaching
I. Basic Level:
Nahwu, Shorof and Tajwid (Quranic Syntax)
II. Continuing Level
This level is divided into 2 groups of languages, namely: Indonesian and Languages Jawa. This advanced lesson is divided into several classes, namely: 
  1. Al-Quran; Reciting dan Tafseer
  2. Hadist; Translation and description
  3. Memorizing dua and Dalil

III. Advance Level
This deepening of Teaching Level consists of two groups namely; ; 
  1. Faroid knowledge
  2. Memorizing Al-Quran (Hafidz)
Special Teaching
Each year, periodically and alternately in LDII Boarding-school Burengan, held teaching Kutubu Sitta / Big Hadith, namely:
  1. Al-Bukhari Hadith Shohih
  2. Hadith Muslim Shohih
  3. Hadith Sunan An-Nasa i
  4. Hadith Sunan Abi Dawood
  5. Hadith Sunan Ibnu Maja
  6. Hadith Sunan Termizi

Teaching and learning atmosphere in the building Wali Barokah LDII Boarding-school Burengan Kediri
The atmosphere of teaching and learning in Mosque Baitul A'la LDII Boarding-school Burengan Kediri

Graduation Center of Male and Female Preachers

LDII Boarding-school Burenganis also a central exams/tests for prospective graduate preachers from various LDII boarding school existing in Indonesia.
Male Preachers and female preacher graduate from LDII Boarding-school Burengan will be assigned to teach the Quran and Hadith in each LDII group throughout Indonesia.

Graduation Qualifying for Male and Female Preachers include:
  1. Reciting Al-Quran; Nahwu, Shorof dan Tajwid (Quranic Syntax)
  2. Khatam / finishing Al-Quran and Tafseer 30 parts
  3. Khatam Topical Hadist Collection
  4. Memorizing duas dan Dalil Quran Hadist
  5. Faroid knowledge / Division of Hereditary
  6. Morals / manners
Currently, LDII Boarding Schools Burengan can pass between 400 to 500 male and female preachers every month.

Boarding-school Facilities

Suitable with the name Great Minaret "Asmaul Husna" is 99 meters tall, rise up into the Kediri sky.
These tower has been Kediri icons and becomes the pride of Kediri residents

Suitable with the name Great Minaret "Asmaul Husna" is 99 meters tall, rise up into the Kediri sky.
These tower has been Kediri icons and becomes the pride of Kediri residents

Office and Guest Room Building

The atmosphere of before dawn prayer at the courtyard, which is surrounded by buildings "Wali Barokah, Mosque Baitul 'Ala and Boarding-school Office Building.

Baitul’Ala Mosque with courtyard (public space) under the shade of a banyan tree where citizens pilgrims gather.

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